CPDL (Caribbean Property Development Ltd.) is an exclusive Real Estate agency handling transactions not only in Belize but in the entire Caribbean. They wanted a minimalistic website keeping the listings to the forefront.


We were tasked to create a very minimalistic website for CPDL. Our design team created a straight forward layout keeping the properties as the main focus of the site. We also needed the layout to include information about the business’ additional services like buying, selling and renting properties, as well as information about Belize and the business itself.


We wanted CPDL’s brand to capture the true essence of what the company offers – beautiful properties in the Caribbean. What other image comes to mind when thinking of Caribbean but sun, sand and sea? However, we didn’t want to be redundant. So, we did a spin on the obvious with a picturesque Caribbean scene from the end of a looking glass. The wording is strong and clear in brown which represents security, reliability and honesty- all features sought after from a real estate agent.


In its entirety, the CPDL website is simplistic, functional and user friendly. Its sleek and clean design is not distracting to visitors and all the main pages are visible at first glance. We employed galleries with bigger images on the home page to keep the emphasis on the listings without distracting visitors with too much content. There are also two search features on the home page, one advanced search which filters the listing by property type, price, location as well as city, town and village; and then there is a more basic search of the general property types in the header which is set across the entire website for easier usability. The information pages were given their own individual pages which could be easily accessed through the main menu. The property listing pages are designed similarly to the home page, showcasing mainly large images with minimal text keeping the focus on the properties themselves. As an added feature on the property listing pages, we employed the use of Google Maps to more accurately display the property’s location.


We helped CPDL to carry their brand further than their website with the addition of corporate stationery. Their corporate header bears the logo at the top and continues with the Caribbean theme with a watermark of palm trees that are also common elements of the region. The business cards follow suite featuring the glistening Caribbean Sea washing upon the sandy beach.

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