Private Islands

Private Islands specializes in the buying and selling of the most elite islands and beach front properties in Belize. They needed online representation that would set them apart from other comprehensive real estate companies and attract select customers to their specific micro market.

Private Island Website

Sketch It

Private Islands required that their website explicitly portrayed their distinction from other real estate sites focusing on their concentration – private islands and cayes. As such, our web design team delivered a website that screams beauty, seclusion and relaxation. These qualities are clearly portrayed through the site’s background image of the sea washing upon the shore of a golden sand beach. The layout is simplistic, clean and modern displaying bold images to the forefront with minimal text.


The common expectation of a private island is simplicity and relaxation. In keeping with this expectation, a minimalist logo was developed with a simple silhouette of an island in a solid hue. The blue color signifies harmony and tranquility, as the font still exudes an air of simple elegance. Together, the image, color and font harmoniously depict the true essence of the business.

Private Island Logo

Final Product

The final product for Private Islands is a beautifully crafted site that not only exudes a chic simplicity but also functions effectively. With its large images and Google Maps integration in the listings, visitors get the most accurate information on the listings at first glance without having to search around for the information they want.

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